CTAB Protocol for Isolating DNA From Plant Tissues

Modern genomics techniques have promised to revolutionize plant biology, generating data to accelerate crop improvement, optimize plant selection, and advance our basic understanding of plant biology.1 Such techniques and applications rely on the extraction of high-quality DNA from a variety of distinct plant species and sample types. To keep up with this rapidly advancing field, DNA extraction protocols must be robust, flexible, consistent, and fast. But plant tissues pose several challenges f

How to Extract DNA From Plant Leaves & Seeds

How to Extract DNA From Plant Leaves & Seeds An Easy and Practical Protocol for DNA Extraction from Plant Leaves & Seeds Extracting DNA from plant leaves or seeds, while not a new concept, is the key to developing the plant-based technologies of the future. Plant DNA acts as the input for many downstream molecular biology techniques, including PCR and NGS, and nucleic acid extractions are foundational to the workflows of many academic researchers and commercial breeding programs. In modern agr

How To Extract RNA From TRIzolĀ®

How To Extract RNA From TRIzolĀ® RNA extraction is among the first steps in studying gene expression using a variety of different methods, including northern blotting, transcriptome analysis, and reverse transcription-PCR. These techniques have become ubiquitous across myriad biomedical fields, from cancer to heart disease to neurodegeneration, positioning RNA purification as a foundational technique for these rapidly growing, highly-active research areas.1-3 To support the remarkable pace and