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The Skin Microbiome and the Importance of Keeping it Healthy

The Skin Microbiome and the Importance of Keeping it Healthy Our skin lets us touch and connect with loved ones and protects us from germs that can make us sick. It’s a home that attaches us safely to the world. But it’s not a home that’s ours alone. We share our skin with billions of invisible roommates, called microbes. They come in all shapes and sizes and live in close harmony with each other and our skin in an intimate alliance. Collectively this diverse group of tiny helpers is called t

Finding The Best SunScreen For Your Eczema

Finding The Best SunScreen For Your Eczema For families with eczema, sunscreen, is a constant concern. How the sun affects you or your kids' skin is a constant, year-round consideration. You want a product that protects you from the damaging effects of ultraviolet light and not cause a flare-up with hidden allergens. Recent research has also revealed that the microbiome plays a critical role in the eczema cycle by protecting against triggers and helping control inflammation. Ingredients in sun

What Are Ceramides in Skin Care? - Rulo Skin

The Science of Ceramides in Skin Care Ceramides are gaining popularity as an ingredient in skincare products and it’s not without reason: your body produces certain types of ceramides to form the outermost layer of your skin called the skin barrier. For most healthy, young people, about 50% of their skin barrier is made up of ceramides. Your skin barrier is your shield against the nasty things out in the world and your body’s way to lock in good things like moisture. A healthy skin barrier