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Plant-based milk alternative sales are booming. But how can we make them taste better?

Increasingly, consumers are seeking new personalized, sensory experiences with non-dairy products and turning away from traditional dairy. More choices are available than ever before, and dairy aisles have undergone a significant transformation in the last 10 years. Plant-based milk alternatives have joined the standard five milk products – whole, reduced-fat (2%), low-fat (1%), fat-free (skim) milk, and ultra-filtered milk.

Unique sensorial solutions from an ingenious alliance

In California, summer has arrived. And with the new season comes some of its most delicious and treasured flavors: tropical fruits like watermelon, pineapple, and peach instantly transport us to the beach, where the sweet-salty smell of the ocean accompanies us on our journey. Other flavors, like orange and cinnamon spices, whisk us away to the mountains, where the intense aromas of campfire, roasted marshmallows, and mulled wine follow close behind, filling us with nostalgia and a sense of adventure.

Cosmetics and Personal Care

Demand for more natural and sustainable personal care and cosmetics products has never been higher. Consumers want products that are high-quality, all-natural, and do as little harm to the planet as possible. Accordingly, they are carefully reading the labels on their skincare, shampoo, perfume, and lipstick products, taking the time to research and understand the sourcing and environmental impact of each ingredient. But many cosmetics and personal care labels contain ingredients derived from u

How Biotechnology is Disrupting the Musk Fragrance Industry

There’s something magical about musk. Its scents are warm, inviting, and powerful in the emotions it helps to evoke. It signals intimacy, whether between a mother and child or between lovers. It can convey safety or adventure. Enchanted by its effects, humans have sought and used musk for centuries, in a wide variety of applications, from traditional medicine to fragrances. And today, not much has changed. Musk scents are found in many personal care and household products, including soaps, air fresheners, and scented candles, adding a boldness that elevates all of the other scents present.

Conamax Monoclonal Antibody Production

But the high cost of monoclonal antibody production makes these blockbuster drugs expensive, limiting access to large patient populations in developing and industrialized countries. The reason for high production costs is, in part, due to the use of mammalian expression systems for antibody manufacturing. While these platforms enable human-like glycosylation, which is necessary for the stability and function of antibodies, there are many disadvantages to their widespread use: Cell growth and ant

Molecular precision plus biotechnology: Driving innovation and better flavors

In the flavor industry, great taste is no longer enough. Today's consumers covet "all-natural", plant-based ingredients, and clean labels. They are more educated than ever about the ethical, societal, and environmental impacts of their purchasing decisions. With flavorists and food manufacturers looking to meet consumer demand on so many fronts, the shortcomings of traditional, resource-intensive, raw materials in flavor manufacturing, such as solvent or physical extraction of plants or animal products and chemical synthesis, are under pressure.