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I'm a science content writer and SEO strategist that specializes in synthetic biology, microbiology, and genomics. I have a Ph.D. in bioengineering and help life science brands create accurate, compelling stories that their audiences can find organically.

Best Oligonucleotide Purification Methods for Your Research | Thermo Fisher Scientific - UK

Synthetic DNA oligonucleotides are used broadly across many different application areas, from basic R&D to clinical diagnostics and biotherapeutics. Their meteoric rise to modern-day ubiquity had humble beginnings as a synthesis puzzle for organic chemists, with no clear application in biology [1]. But widespread adoption of recombinant DNA technology in the 1970s opened up and rapidly solidified their place in biology. Today, DNA oligonucleotides are foundational for genetics and genomics, wher

Three Ways Gibson Assembly Strengthens CRISPR Workflows | Thermo Fisher Scientific - UK

Harnessing the power of CRISPR with recombinant DNA Wielding this technology, either for preclinical R&D or therapeutics development, requires the ability to manipulate and test various Cas proteins, sgRNAs, and other genes common in molecular biology, including fluorescent or luminescent reporters, promoters of different strengths, transcriptional terminators, and more. Accomplishing this requires a modular approach to constructing recombinant DNA, a robust cloning workflow, and rapid access t

Triumphs for Saliva as a Diagnostic Fluid

Using Saliva as a Diagnostic Fluid: 5 Triumphs for Salivary Biomarkers For most people, saliva is written off as an inert (kinda gross) fluid, necessary for food digestion. But for researchers, it’s increasingly being appreciated for its molecular complexity and the potential for DNA & RNA extraction and analysis, proteins isolation, and small molecules to be used as biomarkers for oral and systemic diseases. While the diagnostics community has long been hesitant, over the past two decades, acc

Going Green for CBG

Interest in the scientific and medical applications of cannabidiol (CBD) has exploded – and now, the question for many forward-thinking industry veterans is: which of Cannabis sativa’s many metabolites is “the next big cannabinoid?” For me, the answer lies in the rare cannabinoids – those compounds that make up only a tiny percentage of the plant’s total weight. And with good reason – as a scientist, I look to data from peer-reviewed scientific literature. Over the past decade, solid researc

How to Get More Out of Your Saliva Collection & Handling

How to Get More Out of Your Saliva Program: Powerful Considerations for Saliva Collection and Handling Compared to traditional biofluids (i.e., blood), oral biofluids, such as saliva, hold a lot of potential for diagnostic testing. Saliva collection is minimally invasive, safe, and can be done quickly and in a variety of settings, giving it a big upper hand over (often) painful blood draws, which need to be done in a laboratory setting by a medical professional.1-3 Yet much of saliva’s potenti

The Future of Saliva Biomarkers in the Clinic

The Future of Saliva Biomarkers in the Clinic Compared to other biofluids, there are numerous benefits to using saliva for diagnostic testing. Saliva collection is non-invasive, biomarker testing is low cost, and diagnostics can be as sensitive as tests that rely on traditionally-favored biofluids, such as blood. With saliva testing for SARS-CoV-2 growing in popularity and serving as a definitive proof point, salivary diagnostics are uniquely positioned to continue their ingress into the clinic

Molecular precision plus biotechnology: Driving innovation and better flavors

In the flavor industry, great taste is no longer enough. Today's consumers covet "all-natural", plant-based ingredients, and clean labels. They are more educated than ever about the ethical, societal, and environmental impacts of their purchasing decisions. With flavorists and food manufacturers looking to meet consumer demand on so many fronts, the shortcomings of traditional, resource-intensive, raw materials in flavor manufacturing, such as solvent or physical extraction of plants or animal products and chemical synthesis, are under pressure.

5 Benefits of Saliva Testing: Why it’s the Next Big Thing for In Vitro Diagnostics

For a multitude of different diseases, from diabetes to cancer, early intervention is key to limiting morbidity and mortality. In vitro diagnostics that sensitively detect disease-specific biomarkers are central to timely diagnosis and successful treatment. While IVDs have been powerful for healthcare providers, there are still significant limitations preventing the rapid detection of disease for the global population. These challenges, outlined by Lee and Wong, fall into three major categories

What is saliva and why is it important for diagnostics?

Aside from when we lick a stamp, get a whiff of greasy fast food, or hold our mouths open for a routine dental cleaning, we typically don’t give saliva more than a fleeting thought. In the diagnostics world, the same has been historically true: Oral sample types, like saliva, have been ignored and undervalued, reserved only for tests for oral infections or cancers.1 But over the past decade, there’s been a major sea change in salivary diagnostics and saliva has quickly risen as a sample type wi

How To Extract RNA From TRIzol®

How To Extract RNA From TRIzol® RNA extraction is among the first steps in studying gene expression using a variety of different methods, including northern blotting, transcriptome analysis, and reverse transcription-PCR. These techniques have become ubiquitous across myriad biomedical fields, from cancer to heart disease to neurodegeneration, positioning RNA purification as a foundational technique for these rapidly growing, highly-active research areas.1-3 To support the remarkable pace and

How to Automate Your SARS-CoV-2 Wastewater Testing Workflows: 4 Key Questions

The COVID-19 pandemic has spawned a year of innovation never before seen in the biotech and pharma industries. From the rapid development and manufacturing of novel mRNA vaccines on a global scale to the creation of myriad diagnostic tests, our scientific community has helped protect against the current and continued threat of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The discovery that SARS-CoV-2 viral particles and fragments are shed in the feces of COVID-19 patients, led to the inventive use of wastewater testi

How Biotechnology is Disrupting the Musk Fragrance Industry

There’s something magical about musk. Its scents are warm, inviting, and powerful in the emotions it helps to evoke. It signals intimacy, whether between a mother and child or between lovers. It can convey safety or adventure. Enchanted by its effects, humans have sought and used musk for centuries, in a wide variety of applications, from traditional medicine to fragrances. And today, not much has changed. Musk scents are found in many personal care and household products, including soaps, air fresheners, and scented candles, adding a boldness that elevates all of the other scents present.

Back to Basics: How Foundational Training Can Save the Modern Clinical Trial

Running a successful clinical trial that generates high-quality data and finishes on schedule is the goal of every sponsor, but the increasing complexity and cost of clinical trials means that managing sites, ensuring protocol adherence, and enrolling the right patients can be a major roadblock. To address these challenges, it is essential that effective training be delivered to investigators, study coordinators, and other site staff, not just at study startup, but throughout the duration of the trial. Below, we discuss the shortcomings of traditional training models, the consequences of ineffective training, and how an audit-ready, standardized, and accessible approach to trial-related education can overcome those limitations.

Bioeconomy Hub Membership - SynBioBeta Events 2020

Building the future with biology can’t happen in a vacuum. You need an inner circle of advocates, role models, trusted advisors, and specialists. They can help spark new ideas, get support and capital for your new ventures, and empower you to solve the world’s most challenging problems. Every day the synthetic biology community grows bigger and bigger. It’s attracting new leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs with ideas that have the potential to fundamentally change the world we live in.

How to Use 4 Free Online Competitor Analysis Tools

Part of developing a solid marketing and sales strategy is “knowing your enemy.” Before the internet, this meant waiting until the next tradeshow to scope out competitors’ booths or presentations, sales collateral and any other marketing materials you could discreetly get your hands on. Today, nearly every brand uses digital marketing tactics, social media, paid search, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing and more (and if they don’t, that in itself speaks volumes). It can be tim
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